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John Neeman leaving Neemantools

Lately I hear many people asking, whether I still perform in project Neemantools, considering I now run my new company – AUTINE. The answer is: NO, at present blades made by me, John Neeman, are only available under AUTINE brand. Decision to leave a project, establishing which took a lot of work both from me and my colleague, carpenter Jacob, wasn’t easy. Nonetheless, as was said by a Latvian poet, what changes will last, and I am not an exception. AUTINE is the next phase of my professional activity and fulfillment of my long cherished dream about a family company. When launching this project our team combined both previous experience and new ideas about design, selection of materials and processing technologies.

Just like before, tools made by me will remain one hundred percent hand-made. However, by creating AUTINE I want to offer something more – greater options of choice, wider exposure of tools, faster supplying terms and, most important, higher standards of quality.

AUTINE is a place I come from and which history I am proud of. That’s why, providing my tools with lifetime warranty, I choose to sign them with name of AUTINE, thereby representing a part of history of me and my homeland.

I would like to express my gratitude to all those, who have approved blades made by me. Without you I could not fulfill my dream – to live a life of creativity and challenges. Also I would like to wish luck to my old companion, carpenter Jacob, for beautiful time we had together in our old project.


John Neeman